A new desire – Road trips

A new desire – Road trips

Driving into the Sunset (©EpicStockMedia/Fotolia)

One of the things I never really considered, maybe because we have never done them, are road trips. I recently really got into them, though. I read a lot about road trips and started to love them! I really got into the feeling of being adventurous and letting just everything happen along the way. Whether near the home town or far away, I really want to start road tripping in the near future. I also realised, that most of us, including me, normally crave really far destinations, as they seem so unreachable. Road trips near my home town though interest me also a lot, just to getting to know the region and appreciating what we have around us. The first time I actually realised, how little I know about my surrounding places was when some friends moved to our town from Italy and they used every spare time to visit all those near places, I had never actually seen myself, although I’ve lived here for many years now. Probably because I was too young to just hop in the car and start driving, but I feel that I’m now old and mature enough to, for one being able to afford it, but especially to appreciate it. It’s the feeling of total control over the traveling plans and seeing places outside the usual tourism cities and attractions that amazes me!

One further away road trip I definitely added on my bucket list is the famous Route 66. I visited the United States last year and it was such a different way of living than it is here in Europe and I think, that this typical road trip would just sum up that familiar feeling of America we get in all those movies and series. Of course there are many other places in the US I would love to visit hopefully soon, but the Route 66 seems special to me, because it doesn’t only go through metropolitan cities, but rather smaller ones.

So yeah, road trips are my new desire and I just want to do lots of them so hopefully you will be reading about them soon here on my blog!

Love, Allie

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