Chili’s – Morrisville, NC

Chili’s – Morrisville, NC

Throwback to the beginning of the year, when my boyfriend and me ate two amazing dinners at Chili’s in the United States.

We had Texas Cheese Fries as a starter and they were really tasty with the bacon. The ranch dressing was special and really good.
I must say I didn’t like tmy grilled chicken salad much though, the salad itself was good, but I’m quite fussy with chicken to be honest and this chicken just wasn’t my favourite.

The Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas however were really good, so my boyfriend and me swapped dishes. I had never eaten Quesadillas before and I was really amazed by the combination of the hot quesadilla and the cold sour cream. It really fits!
For dessert we ate the Triple Berry Crumble Cake and it was just amazing! Again the hot cake with the cold ice cream. I really like this opposite combination of hot and cold. We actually got the cake for free, because we had to wait pretty long for it. We didn’t ask for it obviously, we wouldn’t have minded, but the waiter just took it off our bill, which was really friendly.

I don’t remember his name, but he cared wonderfully for us during our stay there.

I ordered an iced tea as well, because I love ice tea. Not knowing, that it’s not the same thing, so I was really disappointed, because it was just cold tea. Which is common in America, but I was convinced I ordered the real ice tea.

Other than that and the salad it was a really great evening with amazing food! A definite must for any America trip!


Have a lovely evening!
Love, Allie

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