Erfurt – Eat

Erfurt – Eat

Last month I visited a friend in Erfurt and most of the time I just stayed home, because she had to work. But one evening we went to this little restaurant called “Eat”. The waitress was really friendly and the restaurant had some specials, and we both chose the ‘Pulled Pork Sandwich’ with fries and a little salad. The food came really fast and It looked quite nice. It looked a bit like the food from Hard Rock Café, with the fries in an extra bucket and little sauces. It really reminded us of it. I didn’t like the salad a lot but the sandwich was really good. The bread was amazing, crunchy but still soft, the meat was also not too dry, it was really tasty. I noticed that the fries were different than usual, but I couldn’t figure out what it was, so when my friend tried them she was like: “oh they´re with cinnamon” and that was really special, it was something that I had never eaten before. Well, I hope that it was cinnamon, otherwise I’m making a fool of myself right now, but it really seemed like it.


The restaurant itself is rather small with only a couple of tables, about five to seven if I remember correctly. We were there really early, at like 5:30, that we got a table. Then afterwards it got really full, so that actually only people who had reserved a table could eat there. They also had a little DJ desk where a DJ also played music later on. The only thing, that I didn’t like was that you could only pay cash. I know that´s still common in restaurants, but in my opinion nowadays it should be offered to pay with a card. There was actually a huge sign about that near the entrance, that we didn’t see, so my friend had to go get cash before we could pay, which was fine, but it could´ve been easier.
All in all I was really surprised, because I didn’t expect the food to be that good. It was a really nice evening.

Have a nice evening!

Love, Allie

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