Cologne Visit

Cologne Visit

I recently visited Cologne with a friend and we did some touristy things in those days we spent there.

We started with going on a viewing platform on top of a tower, which was really nice, because we could overlook the whole city. It was a warm day and we had a very nice view! We could look over the Rhine, to the cathedral, and simply the whole city. I believe we had to pay 3€ to go on the platform and we stayed there for about an hour. After that we went to a restaurant called Mongo’s which is right underneath the building. Mongo’s was really good. Their specialty are exotic meat and fish types of which we tried many different ones. You can basically choose your own items of a buffet together with the marinade you want and it will be cooked for you. I especially liked the zebra meat, of which I tried a tiny piece. You can read a more detailed post about Mongo’s here.

The day after we went into town to visit the cathedral, which is huge and really nice! I like that there is another path behind the altar, which is kind of unusual.
After the cathedral we visited the chocolate museum, which was very nice as well. Firstly, you get to read about the history of chocolate, then the production is explained and you can actually see the machines producing chocolate. There is also the possibility to create one’s own chocolate by choosing the toppings and it will be made for you in half an hour. Next to the production there is a huge chocolate fountain of which visitors will be offered a small waffle with some chocolate on, while having an extraordinary view on the river. After that again there is a bit about historical hot chocolate tableware and the evolution of everything connected to chocolate.

The next day we went to the zoo in the morning, where we had a nice day, although many animals were hiding from us because of the heat haha. The zoo is really big, and what I liked a lot was that you are always next to an animal enclosure, unlike for example the zoo in Nürnberg, where you sometimes also have to walk a rather long path without seeing any animals. We were especially lucky, because we got to see a two-week old baby giraffe and also a child elephant. There was also a big enclosure that looked like an abandoned garden behind a church for owls (I love owls!), but unfortunately we only found 2 of them…
After the zoo we went on a cable car which goes across the river and back which was a bit scary but it was very interesting to see the city from above again and from a different view than the tower from the day before.

Following that we drove into town to get to our boat tour. The tour on the Rhine was very nice, we could see the places we had already seen from above and it was interesting to hear all about the history of the town and the different buildings. The boat tour we booked was a package together with a meal at the Hard Rock Café in Cologne, which we also went to at dinner. We were offered a three course meal, including one beverage, of a special menu and the food was really delicious, as always at Hard Rock Café! Although we didn’t have the full menu to choose from, we had some different choices and it was a great deal together with the boat tour. We wouldn’t have been able to eat there for that price, if we’d gone there normally. I also have a more detailed post about Hard Rock Cafés here.

Have you been to Cologne yet or are you planning to visit it on a Germany trip?

Have a nice evening!
Love, Allie

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