Mongo’s – Cologne

Mongo’s – Cologne

My friend and I went to Mongo’s during our cologne trip. Mongo’s is a restaurant, where you can choose from different options like “all you can eat” or going two times to the buffet or ordering à la carte. I especially like the second option, because I like to taste all the different food at a buffet, but personally I’m not able to eat that much, so that the “all you can eat” option wouldn’t really suit me as I don’t like to eat like 5 plates of food even though I’m full just because I paid for it.

When eating from the buffet you basically choose your marinade and then put the vegetables, meat and side dishes you want into a small bowl and then it will be cooked and brought to your table.  There are always normal fish and meat types but also always something more special like shark, kangaroo, zebra, etc. I really like this variety, because I like trying new things and especially trying a small portion of something new and not a whole meal. Right next to the buffet there was the open kitchen, which seemed very organized and most important it seemed very clean!

As starters we got bread with this one dip, which was amazing! I don’t know what’s in it though… I really would love how to make it, because it was really, really tasty!

We then tried a couple of different meals including small pieces of zebra and ostrich, of which I found the zebra actually very delicious. The food as such was actually very good no matter what we ate! Obviously with the advantage, that we chose our own complements and thus it was things like vegetables and nuts we knew we would like (apart from the new meat). And it was prepared really well, although it looks like it’s just been thrown into the bowl haha.


Same as in Hard Rock Cafè’s you have your one waiter that introduces himself and serves you throughout the meal, which I think is very personal and nice. Our waiter was a bit forgetful as we had to ask for our cocktails two or three times, but other than that he was really friendly all of the time and brought the food very quickly.

On top of that, students get a 33% discount from Monday until Tuesday, which I think is a very nice offer! I definitely would eat there again!


Have a great dinner!
Love, Allie

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