Schloss Linderhof, Ettal

Schloss Linderhof, Ettal

Schloss Linderhof was also built by Ludwig II and it is the only castle he finished and spent much time there. In my opinion it is very nice and I liked it more than Schloss Hohenschwangau personally.


Linderhof is less a castle from the outside but rather a residence or a villa, with a nice park and a fountain in a lake which we couldn’t see because of the snow, but we knew was there. It is a very nice ‘smaller’ residence with the ground floor for the personnel and the first floor for himself. The first floor has 4 large rooms built around the staircase and 4 smaller ‘in between’ rooms, where the personnel waited for instructions after being called from Ludwig II. The rooms were very full with art and ornaments and also still the antique furniture. One of Ludwig II favourite colours was Lapislazuli which can be found in all of his castles and in this one especially in his bedroom as the whole bed and walls around it are covered with Lapislazuli coloured fabric.

The ‘in between’ rooms had each different wall colours and were also very pompous with many porcelain vases and usually three to five paintings of important people in his life.

A specialty was a dinner table which could be brought up from the kitchen into Ludwig’s dining room with a lift, which he usually only did for his first course, as it would have been too effortful to do that for every of the 13 courses he ate each meal. It was more for fun and to impress guests.

What castles do you think are worth visiting?

Keep exploring!
Love, Allie

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