Schloss Neuschwanstein, Schwangau

Schloss Neuschwanstein, Schwangau

Neuschwanstein in winter evening(© petertakacs/Fotolia)

Schloss Neuschwanstein was started to be built in 1869 by the last Bavarian King Ludwig the 2nd. He started to build it but then was found dead one day in the lake Starnberger See together with his doctor but no one really knows if he took his own life or was killed by someone, as he was spending much money of private investors for his castles.

He died after living in Schloss Neuschwanstein for only 172 days when the castle was still in the building process. After his passing the construction was stopped, and thus the castle is not finished, as some planned parts like a chapel were never built. Also from the inside the castle is not finished and only some of the rooms were furnished and used.

We took a horse carriage to get from the parking lot to the castle which was really nice although I felt a bit sad for the horses because it really was hard to get us up the hill. We then took a guided tour through the castle which took half an hour which I found rather short but we got to see everything finished in the castle and got to know a fear bit of information. The tours also have to be this short, because especially in summer there are so many visitors, that it is not possible to have longer tours for logistical reasons.

With the swan being Ludwig II’s favourite animal, (hence the name Neuschwanstein), many swan applications can be found in the inside of the castle. From the inside, the castle was a bit dark in my opinion, because most of the rooms were covered in dark wood, except the throne room, which was very bright and pompous and also finished I think, the only thing missing was the throne, that had still to be built which wasn’t done anymore after Ludwig`s death. Another finished room is his bedroom, which has many wooden carvings and is one of the rooms which already had running water from a mountain spring and the tap again was a swan. The for me ‘ugliest’ part of the castle was a small room which was constructed like a dripstone cave made of moulding.

Very impressive though was the kitchen in a lower floor, which was very big and modern for that time and had many utensils for the servants to cook appropriately for the inhabitants of the castle. (we weren’t allowed to take pictures from the inside)


The castle is really extraordinary from the outside, especially in winter. The white and really clean castle (it was completely restored a couple of years ago) fits perfectly with the white mountains in the back of it. And the view from the castle and also from outside the castle was really impressive, too, because on one side there are the mountains, which are really high and on the other side the whole area can be overlooked including a large lake and another one of Ludwig’s family’s castles Hohenschwangau. I can understand why this would be a good place to build a castle, because the king would have the total view over his land.

Have you ever been to Neuschwanstein before?

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