Three restaurants in Prague

Three restaurants in Prague

Nostress Cafe Restaurant

The Nostress Cafe Restaurant is a bit outside the town square but still very good to be reached by foot. The restaurant itself is very elegant which I liked, the waiters were very friendly and attentive, and the restaurant was very clean.
I didn’t like the starter and main course very much to be honest, but I really enjoyed the dessert. The people who were there with me liked the food very much, though. So it might just be my taste.
I personally wouldn’t go there another time probably.

Oliva Verde Ristorante

The restaurant has a perfect location in front of the astronomic clock right on the town square. We had drinks there on one evening and then lunch the next day.

We weren’t very convinced in the evening as we were brought warm wine, with the excuse that they were too busy to have enough cooled wine.
Normally we wouldn’t have gone there again, but we didn’t find a table for 7 people at another place for lunch, and we had plans that didn’t allow us to eat later.
I ate duck which was made typical Czech, which I liked very much, however the two pizzas we ordered were nearly cold as we got them unfortunately. The waiters were again very busy and didn’t have much time for their guests.

So for us it was somehow ok, but I wouldn’t go there another time if we had an alternative.

Restaurant Mlejnice

We ate at this restaurant on two different Prague visits actually, but I will come to that later.

We were recommended this restaurant by our hotel and it was definitely worth it!
The food was typical Czech with Goulash in a Bread bowl for example (the bread was out of stock, when we were there, that’s why on the picture there is a normal bowl). Also the fish was amazing. Everything was typical Czech. The restaurant itself is very rustic and there are old farming tools as decoration.

One specialty of this restaurant I absolutely loved is something we discovered randomly. Our table had drawers and I opened them out of curiosity. They were full with notes on napkins of other guests like a guestbook, so of course we wrote one too, and left it there.
When we went to Prague again one month later we went back to this restaurant and asked for ‘our’ table and our napkins with our notes were actually still in there! I think this became, maybe unintentionally, such a nice tradition!

Just for this little detail I would go to this restaurant again to check if my note is still in the drawer. And of course also for the food which was very typical and delicious.

Have you been to Prague yet?

Have a lovely evening!
Love, Allie

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