Kleopatra Ramira Hotel, Alanya 

Kleopatra Ramira Hotel, Alanya 

I stayed in the Kleopatra Ramira Hotel in Alanya with my boyfriend two years ago. We stayed there for 7 nights and when we arrived there at night there was still someone at the reception and a door- and luggage man waiting for us, which was nice.


We choose this hotel, because we planned this trip quite spontaneously, so everything else in our budget was already completely booked. It was the best option for us and also from the pictures and reviews it seemed very nice.

The hotel itself and also our room were very clean. Our room was huge, we actually had a 5-bed room. One small room with 2 single beds and a large room with a double – and a single bed, connecting to a balcony and a bathroom.

Our room was cleaned every day and there’s nothing I can say about it. The one thing I didn’t like though is that we weren’t supposed to use toilet paper but water that comes through the toilet to clean one selves. That was a bit weird, we had to get used to it.

The hotel also had a nice and comfortable lobby where we could sit and wait for the tours we booked. Then there were two pools and a pretty big dining hall where we ate nearly all meals. They offered early breakfast, late breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was always fresh and very yummy and on top of that also different every day. The waiters were very nice, too and from the hotel it was an about 10-minute walk to the beach, which was ok for us. We went there three times I think and stayed there the whole day and on the other days we made excursions to get to know the surroundings as well.


What was nice in the hotel was, that I think twice or three times while we were there, there were special evening programs which were really nice with cultural dances and music. They were really entertaining.

We really enjoyed our time there!

Have a lovely evening!
Love, Allie ♥

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