ITB 2017, Berlin

ITB 2017, Berlin

This picture was taken, while the fair was still being prepared, that’s why there is still the outdoor decoration missing.

Last week I went, together with my friends, to the ITB, the world’s leading travel trade show, in Berlin. It was my second time on the ITB as a trade visitor. I already visited it last year with another friend.

One sustainable booth was the Costa Rican one. And not only sustainable but also really cool, because you got the feeling of being in a rain forest which I liked much.

Another booth where you got something typical was the Ethiopian one, where a lady was sitting in the middle of the booth on her construction and was making typical coffee which the visitors were offered. It was very good in my opinion and also tasted different than our coffee.


Globetrotter was also a quite an interesting booth as they sell outdoor and adventure equipment the booth had a climbing park which could be experienced. On top of that they also had a photo station where visitors could take pictures in front of a screen of a night sky with stars.

This little guy ‘Pepper’ from SoftBank was really interesting as he is already used for helping in several jobs like the health sector or at a hotel reception and is planned to be utilized in many other hotels and different sectors in future. He understands what people say to him and responds also in a kind of human voice but still robotic. The responsible man from the booth told us that it was their intention to keep a bit of robotic elements in the voice to not make it too human, and therefore not giving the feeling as if humans were replaced.

The Munich airport booth won a design award this year and also the 1. Place in the category support in the Best Exhibitor Award. The exhibitors were very informative and friendly and the booth scored many points also in their sustainability.

I really liked the ITB this year again and also the Best Exhibitor Award show on Saturday evening where many of the best ranked booths performed typical dances on the stage. In my opinion, the ITB is really interesting for anyone interested in the tourism sector. As well for holidays but also especially for career opportunities!

It is very advisable to bring comfortable shoes and much time and endurance to this fair as we walked about 15 km each day.

Have you ever been to the ITB in Berlin?

Have a nice evening
Love, Allie

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