1000 Places To See Before You Die

1000 Places To See Before You Die

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I bought myself this book on amazon.

It’s basically a list for people who want to travel and don’t know what to see next or if they know they’re heading to one destination and want to see what else they might discover on that trip. So you can either use it as a help for traveling or that you actually want to try to see all of these places.
The book is divided by continents. It starts with Europe, then is again divided with West -, South-  and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and then all the countries, so its very structured and organized which I like.

The different over-headings are:

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  • USA, Canada
  • Latinamerica
  • Carribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda

You first get some information about the place, then some info on local and international travel agencies that help you to book the trip, of course some hotels and restaurants including some price examples and also tourist excursions that can be made. On top of that we get to know when the best time is to travel and what security information, paperwork and documents you need to actually be able to go there. I think, all this information is really helpful.

My plan is to not specifically try to visit each one of these places, although that’s the name of the book, but find some inspiration. I will put a post it on those that I have visited with the date and the people who I visited this with, so for me its kind of a tour guide kind of book but also a bit of a journal, like just a little note on each place I visited.

This book was 10,99€ I think, I don’t remember, and for this magnitude of information and the size of the book, it is a really good price!

Have you seen the book or have similar ones you can recommend?

Have a nice evening!
Love, Allie

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