Quest4exit, Bamberg

Quest4exit, Bamberg

Quest4exit – the time is running. Escape, if you can!

Last January, my boyfriend and me went to an escape room. It was a present for me as he knew, that this was something I would like to do! He found one near our hometown and it was amazing!

We got there and first we had to watch a video with all the rules and regulations, after which we filled out a short form that stated that we are liable for injuries or if we got scared. We were informed, that we were being monitored while being in the room for safety reasons and also to make it easier to help us if we got stuck.

Our room was called Number 47 and the story was, that we were in a forest on our way to somewhere and after a while it started to storm, but luckily we found the house Number 47.  After we went in there to find shelter, though, the door closed and we were trapped, so we had to escape before the owner came back. According to the story our friend Bonnie (I think, that was her name) should’ve come with us, but cancelled last minute, but we could call her if we needed help.

Then we were brought to the room Number 47 and had one hour to escape. I’m not going to go very deep into the details about the room itself and about the quizzes, but it was so scary sometimes. And it was actually also very hard! I have played so many escape games on my phone, me and my sisters used to download the same ones and then compete against each other who would escape first!! They were already hard but the real one was even harder! Nevertheless, it was so much fun! Seriously, it was creepy at times but we had such a great time, figuring everything out!

Bonnie also kept calling us to let us know when 15 minutes were over, so we could approximately know how much time we had left and when it was nearly over we could hear the person coming back to their house and we had the final code, we just hadn’t enough time to type the code into the door…
So in my head we technically managed somehow, because we managed to solve all the quizzes along the way and we just would’ve needed 30 more seconds to type in the code!! This makes me feel a bit better about not escaping haha. I just couldn’t stand being stuck somewhere in the middle and not being good enough (I know it’s just a game, but I get very competitive with those things).

When we were there in January they only had that one room finished, but since then they opened a second one called The Bunker and this one is supposed to be a bit scarier, where at some points you only have a torch in dark, narrow places and fog comes out of somewhere, so if you’re a bit scared, like me, you should think twice before going in there or taking enough people with you who are not scared of dark, narrow places. I think to remember, that the girl working there told us that in the next couple of months they want to build two more rooms, so we definitely need to go back!

In whole Germany, there are so many of these escape rooms and I would love to visit more! Being two participants we paid 40€ each, but the more people you are the lower is the price. I’m very particular with those things (did I mention, I get competitive?) and I wanted to do it with only the two of us, to solve and experience everything. That’s what also the girl working there told us. If you’re a group of six people, you may be solving the whole thing faster, but you might miss out on some parts of the story, as maybe two people research one side of the room and other two people another side, so you just bring together the findings but maybe don’t get the whole story and the whole experience. Her experience showed her to maybe be three people to have it a bit easier than only two, but maximum 4 to experience the whole story.

I also thought, that two was a bit stressful so maybe I can compromise with 3 next time! 🙂

The sad thing about them is, that you can visit each room only once, as you then know the solution or remember some hints which wouldn’t make it worth doing it again. Maybe that’s also the reason why there are so many around!

I enjoyed this gift a lot, it was so much fun! I can definitely recommend the whole concept!

Have you been to escape games? Can you recommend any good ones?

Have a lovely evening!
Love, Allie ♥

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  1. Wir gehen bald nach Nürnberg zu exit the room 🙂 nach deiner Beschreibung bin ich jetzt noch gespannter darauf und hoffe dass ich mich nicht grusel 🙈
    Liebe Grüße
    Nina 😊

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