Würzburg, Germany

Würzburg, Germany


We went to Würzburg last weekend and also went to the residence in town. We didn’t make a residence tour but a tour of the wine cellar, which was very interesting.

At first, because we had time, we had a walk through the park which is part of the residence. Although the current weather it was very nice, in summer however the park is full with flowers and really relaxing! (I’ve been there years ago)

In our cellar tour, we got to see where the wine was stored in former times and learned how it was produced and everything concerning the barrels. One interesting thing is, that humans had to climb into the barrels through a small door in the front to clean it from the inside. On top of that we were told much about the different sorts of wine in the different regions of Germany and why there are different wines being produced in Würzburg than in other cities for example.

Nowadays this particular cellar is not used anymore for storing the wine, it is only used for traditional reasons, as the more modern wine productions is done more efficiently in other barrels in another large cellar. Due to these over-time breaking barrels, people and also firms can sponsor a barrel for the cellar and have a print of their logo or whatever writing they want on it.

In this cellar, also festive occasions are being held. One of them being the Närrische Weinprobe, which is a wine tasting in the time during carnival. It is a funny wine tasting with some famous and not so famous Bavarian comedians for a selected number of guests and also some politicians. The whole event is also being broadcast on television for everyone to see.
You can also rent the place for your own festivities.


I really loved the atmosphere in the wine cellar with all the candles lit in the dark.

Have you been to a wine cellar tour or in Würzburg?

Have a nice evening!
Love, Allie

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