May thoughts

May thoughts

rodion-kutsaev-77338.jpg(Photo by Rodion Kutsaev)

Now I finally published a post again after nearly a month without blogging! Not having time to write was exactly what I wanted to avoid, but now I experienced what it’s like to not have enough time for everything so I’m even more keen to have posts ready for a while in advance in the future.

This past month flew by so quickly, it was filled with university, I had the deadline for all my course works I had to write at home, I had many presentations at uni and my final exams of this semester. Together with my jobs it became so much I couldn’t keep up with writing and I was so tired every evening I couldn’t even think about the blog.

I finally finished everything regarding university for a while and now have a little bit more time during the week and definitely more time on the weekends, so I will be posting regularly again and I will be more active than the last month!

Love, Allie

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