June Thoughts

June Thoughts

Yesterday was a pretty successful day for me as, now that I’m working at my internship full time and spend 3 hours of my day in trains, I don’t actually have more time or energy to blog, than I thought I would have, considering I don’t have to study at the moment. So, I actually couldn’t keep up with my own schedule for posting, but then something in my brain changed and I understood, that if I don’t always manage to publish two posts in a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) like I planned, it doesn’t matter. Nothing’s going to happen to me if I don’t publish a post, like it was planned! No boss will be angry at me haha.

And nearly right after realizing this, all the pressure I had put on myself was immediately gone, because I remembered that I’m doing this for me and I want and also need it to be fun (work, but fun!). And this fun was again becoming pressure, to publish many posts, and as I’m not doing anything apart from working and my household I don’t have much new experiences to blog about. But really suddenly after realizing, that this is my fun part of the day and not something that NEEDS to be completed on time on top of everything else, I lost the pressure and felt more free and inspired again, which is exactly what I needed!

So, this realization was important for me to fully get my joy back for the blog.


I hope you’ve had a nice evening!

Love, Allie

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