One way to become the person you want to be

One way to become the person you want to be

One thing my dad told me once, is something he learned in a monastery where he took part in a seminar over three days. The theme was happiness, health, silence. One workshop they did was to write their own funeral speech. They should write about what they wanted people to say about them. For example, that someone would say, that they were a very kind person and very helpful, always happy, hard working etc. whatever they want people to say and think about them.

The exercise of this was not to lie to someone and oneself and tell people you are a perfect person, but to realize what you want other people to see in you. The plan was to not show this speech around but to use it personally only and thus to think about how you should behave to be remembered, the way you want to be remembered.

I think that this is a very nice idea, but I haven’t done it myself yet because I want to do it when I have the time to think about it properly and not do in a rushed or stressful moment.

This is a deep and meaningful exercise which maybe is just a stupid thing for some people and won’t work for everybody but in my opinion it’s a nice exercise to just see what you really want to be like and what to change for yourself to be not necessarily a better person but more the person you want to be deep inside.


Are there similar things you know of or did for yourself? Please let me know!


Have a nice evening!
Love, Allie

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