Romeo & Julia, Cologne

Romeo & Julia, Cologne


I went to this place called ‘Romeo und Julia’ the other day with some friends, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed! First of all, the name is really sweet! This place offers egg-waffles with frozen yogurt and toppings. As I absolutely love frozen yogurt and also like waffles, I thought it would be a good idea to try these waffles!

They had an offer with one egg waffle, frozen yogurt, 2 toppings and 2 sauces, for 5,90€ which I find a good price. I had blueberry waffles and as toppings strawberries and Oreo’s and as sauces strawberry- and chocolate sauce.

They also have a really cool way to display the waffles like an ice-cream cone, but I wasn’t too sure how I would eat it, so I had mine on a plate and I must say it was the right decision haha!

I can definitely recommend ‘Romeo und Julia’ and I will go back there soon to try different combinations.

Have you ever eaten anything similar?

I wish you a very nice evening!

Love, Allie ♥

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