4 restaurants in Cologne

4 restaurants in Cologne



Causas is a Peruvian restaurant I went to with a friend and we decided to share a couple of starters rather than main courses so we could try more different things. So we had Anticuchitos de Pollo, Empanadas Fritas de Carne, Causa de Pollo and Yucas Fritas con Huancaina. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the Empanadas, but they and everything we ate was really yummy! I can definitely reccommend the food!


Bona me


Bona me is a nice restaurant chain similar to Vapiano (I was told that, I’ve never been to Vapiano before) and although my plate of Beyti looks a bit weird, it tasted good. This dish is with minced meat, but I probably would’ve preferred it with chicken and vegetables. Nevertheless it was good. the concept is, that you get a card at the beginning and charge everything you drink and eat on it and then pay off your card. 


Früh Kölsch

This is a rather typical restaurant of Cologne, we had Schnitzel with asparagus and beef medallions with mushrooms, both with potatoes. A very loud restaurant but good food and a fun atmosphere. 


Hard Rock Café 

For those of you who don’t know, I love Hard Rock Cafes so I went back to the one in Cologne. We had Cocktails first while we were waiting for a free table and then ate Club Sandwiches and the Hickory Smoked Ribs. I was not at all disappointed and once again proved, why I love the Hard Rock Cafe chain! 


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