Kerkrade, Netherlands

Kerkrade, Netherlands

Two friends and I went to the Netherlands for a day last week, to be more specific to Kerkrade. That we went there was a random choice, because we started driving in the direction of Netherlands with the train and then looked on the map and chose the closest town to our point which we could reach with our ticket. So, this is how we chose Kerkrade of which I hadn’t heard before, but when we arrived we realized that the town had a large music festival going on! In town, there were little bands and marching bands and the whole town square was built up for people to eat/drink and have fun! 

Later we found out that this festival goes on for 4 weeks and I think we were really lucky by choosing this city randomly, because we really had a very nice and fun day! 

Of course, we ate something typical also, which is chips with some kind of mayonnaise and onions and this special sausage called Frikandel with ketchup, mayonnaise and onions as well. It was really yummy and although there seem to be more onions than anything else, the onions had just a tiny taste of onion which was amazing! 

Kerkrade itself is such a sweet town and I just love the houses and streets!


Hope you’ve had a very nice weekend!

Love, Allie ♥

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