Washington DC throwback

Washington DC throwback

Last year on the same visit in the USA when we went to Jacksonville, we also visited Washington DC. We got there by Bus and stayed in an Airbnb nearby to be flexible. Nearby is an understatement though, as we still had to walk very far to get everywhere, but it was nice. Unfortunately most of the pictures look sad, because the weather was really cold and rainy when we were there in December. 

Of course we visited also the White House, although you couldn’t see too much for safety reasons and I expected it to be more impressive somehow, but it was just a simple house in the city. A very nice house, though. We also went to a souvenir shop near the white house and took the obligatory pictures in the presidents’ office hehe.


The Capitol was way more impressive than the White House in my opinion! Unfortunately work was done, so we couldn’t see the dome, but it was nice anyway, and also relaxing to sit by the lake in front of it.


One cool thing about Washington DC is definitely, that you can visit the museums for free, which I think is a great thing for culture and education, as education should be available for everyone.



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