Kerteminde, Denmark

Kerteminde, Denmark

Yesterday’s trip was to Kerteminde which was an approximately 40-minute bus ride.

We left pretty late, so when we arrived it was already lunchtime. We chose a sweet restaurant by the water, called Cafe Nova, where we ate Nachos, which were yummy. I also like that we got water as well to our drink orders, as this is not very common in Germany unfortunately. 

After lunch, we walked to the pier which was amazing! We took many pictures, walked for a while and just enjoyed the silence, while sitting on a bench and watching the boats. 

Before driving home, we went to an ice cream shop which makes amazing ice cream. It was too large to eat, but it tasted good and was refreshing. 

Kerteminde is definitely a town to visit! And one I will keep in mind to visit with friends, who visit me here! 

photos by Julia Bruehl

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