København, Denmark

København, Denmark

I now finally moved to Denmark, which was quite stressful, hence also the little amount of posts recently.

I came to Denmark with my friend Julia for our semester abroad and the first trip we took was to the capital Copenhagen which was an approximately two-hour drive by car.

To get there we drove over one really long bridge, the Storebæltsbroen, which was less scary than I thought and actually cool and exciting! In Copenhagen, we made a sightseeing tour my dad found online. It is a trip by foot to see the most important things of the city in one day. 

  1. Den lille Havfrue
  2. Kastellet
  3. Kongens Have
  4.  Rosenborg Slot
  5. Rundetårn
  6. Strøget
  7. Christiansborg Slot
  8. Nyhavn


1.  Den lille Havfrue

The Little Mermaid, is way smaller than I had expected, nevertheless there were so many people which was crazy. We got a chance to look at the Little Mermaid, though, which was nice.


2. The Kastellet

The Kastellet is a star fortress, surrounded by water. It includes two gates, five bastions, a commander’s house, barracks for soldiers and many other buildings. 


3. Kongens Have and 4. Rosenborg Slot

The castle and the park were very nice! The park and the castle were very impressive, but again there were so many people! We also just looked at the castle from the outside, because we were already too tired…


5. Rundetårn

This church tower was the best tower I ever went on, as I’m a bit scared of the steps in towers usually. This one doesn’t have steps!! There are a couple of stops along the way like a café in the roof of the church, toilet stops and also a stop in the bell tower. We had a lovely view over Copenhagen!


6. Strøget

This is the shopping street.


7. Christiansborg Slot

Christiansborg Slot, which is the seat of the Danish Parliament, is a nice palace to look at from the outside.


8. Nyhavn

Nyhavn is very nice at the river, with a couple of boats and really nice colourful houses. There are also many cafés and restaurants near the river, where we also had a drink.



All together I liked Copenhagen very much and it is definitely worth a trip!

Do you know other cities in Denmark worth visiting for me? 

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!
Love, Allie 


photos by Julia Bruehl

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