3 places to visit in the north of Denmark

3 places to visit in the north of Denmark


Aarhus is the European capital of culture in 2017. The city is very nice, also a river passes through it, which I love. After that went to see a famous little street with sweet houses, which was very Scandinavian in my opinion. Furthermore, we went into a mall called ‘Salling’ which itself as mall was already really nice, but it has a huge and really nice roof top bar and a viewing platform with glass floor.
We also visited the famous museum ARoS, which was a bit strange and creepy, but all together very interesting and we were glad that we visited it!



Skagen is the Most northern town in Denmark and we went there to go to Grenen which is the very most northern part of Denmark! We took a taxi from Skagen to Grenen and from there walked along the beach to the most northern spot. It took us about 15-20 minutes to get there and it was such a lovely walk! The weather was nice, although very cold! And at the top bit of Denmark we even saw seals just laying there and posing for pictures! Luckily, we went there really early, so there weren’t many people yet! After we had seen and enjoyed enough we took the ‘Sandormen’ (“Sandworm”), which is a tractor service from the northern bit of the beach back to Grenen. From Grenen we again took a taxi to Skagen and from there home by train. I think that in the summer months there are also buses driving from Skagen to Grenen.

Definitely worth visiting!


Rubjerg Knude

This is by far my favourite of these three places. We drove with the bus to the nearest bus station and from there we walked, which was about 6,5 km! We were so tired when we got to the official parking lot of Rubjerg Knude! And from there we had to walk another kilometer to the lighthouse!

Rubjerg Knude is a lighthouse at the top of a shifting sand dune. This lighthouse is to vanish in the next couple of years as the shore gets smaller and smaller. But the atmosphere on top of the cliff is just astonishing! ‘Luckily’, the weather was a bit stormy so it looked even more amazing. The grass scenery was covered with dark grey clouds and the dune with Rubjerg Knude on top was shining in the sun! It was so amazing!

On our way back we wanted to call a taxi company (apparently there is only one in that region) and they hung up on us, because we dialed for the wrong town, as you have to choose the right city by clicking the right numbers. And as we couldn’t really understand much in danish, we failed. So we walked back the 8km, which I must say, was no fun at all haha!

I would definitely recommend to do this trip by car, but it was really worth the effort and pain!
Rubjerg Knude is a must visit in my opinion!

photos by Julia Bruehl

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