Harry Potter Festival, Odense

Harry Potter Festival, Odense

Last weekend, Odense hosted a Harry Potter festival. The whole town was decorated!
There were different spots with Harry Potter experiences in town, always accompanied with different Harry Potter themed actors (The different spots were especially for children, although I wonder how they can be such fans, if technically they’re even too young to watch the movies or read the books).

One special place was a Quidditch field in a park in town, where also different international Quidditch matches were held. In 5 places in town there was a Gringotts bank to exchange Danish krones to the Galleons you needed to pay for things in town. The idea of the different currency is really nice, as children cannot spend more than what their parents give them in Galleons and it makes the whole experience of being in a different world more real.

Some other venues were for example a Borgin & Burkes shop, different other shops and places with games in the “Diagon Alley”, then a spot to create potions, but also a filmmarathon and different cafés. Odense was full with people in costumes, as well “actors” as also fans, which was really nice!

All together it was fun to be there and amazing to see how committed Odense is with their festivals and how well everything was so nicely decorated and transformed.

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