October ’17 Favourites

October ’17 Favourites

Places: Rubjerg Knude
Rubjerg Knude was my favourite place this month. The scenery, together with the amazing view from the dunes was just fascinating! The ocean and light house completed it all!


Series: Call the midwife

I’ve started “Call the midwife” a while ago, but always had to kind of force myself to watch it. This month however, I got to some point where I was really hooked and couldn’t stop watching! I’m in season five at the moment and think, that it is really a nice program to relax. It’s neither scary nor too complicated, but still really interesting!


Food: Nachos

They are just the best! And I must say, that I’ve never eaten so many nachos in my whole life as I did the past month haha. Wherever we went on trips, in town and even at home, we mostly chose nachos!


Documentary: Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

A friend told me about this documentary on Youtube and as I like Demi Lovato I really wanted to watch it. When I say ‘like’ I mean, that I have phases of loving her and then phases of just being neutral, if you know what I mean. As I followed her life as a celebrity since her appearances on Barney, I was really interested in this documentary, and it was very interesting indeed. I saw things about her I had missed in the news etc and I really appreciate how inspiring she is to so many people who deal with similar issues. I like the positivity she tries to have now and the commitment to change her life to the better! I don’t usually watch documentaries much, but this one might have changed my way of seeing them, as I really liked it and found it extremely interesting to see things more private and in depth, than what we usually see.


App: Babbel

I have lived in Denmark for 2,5 months now and I still can’t communicate with locals at all.. We had some issues with a language course and I tried learning it by living here.. I must say, that I know the most important words and phrases, but that’s it. On top of that, the Danes speak very very fast. So, I finally downloaded the App Babbel, because language apps for free don’t work for me and I really enjoy it! I try to study in depth for 30 minutes a day and take notes of everything I learn in the app.

There are different subscription plans for complete access of material. For 1, 3, 6 and 12 months, ranging from 9,99€ to 59,99€. Therefore, the longer period you choose the less you actually pay per month. I, however, for now chose the 3 month subscription for 19,99€ and I will see how it goes and if I will renew it (if you don’t want to renew your subscription, be aware to remember to cancel the contract, as it will renew itself otherwise).

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