September ’17 Favourites

September ’17 Favourites

Show: Riverdale

I’ve finally started to watch Riverdale and I also finished the first season this month. I really think, that this is one of the best shows and I can’t even explain why. But, I’m really obsessed with it, I love the story line and I love the characters even more!


Place: Ærøskøbing, Denmark

My favourite place this month was definitely Ærøskøbing! This little town was so lovely, calm and full of joy to me.


App: Sims Freeplay

This might be random, but I’ve started to play the Sims again and it is so addicting! I’ve had the game a couple of years ago, but now there is just so much more to do. It is definitely wasting a lot of my time, but I enjoy it at the moment.



Can’t help falling in Love – Haley Reinhart cover (I also like the original by Elvis Presley)
AM – One Direction
If you’re not the one – Daniel Bedingfield
Rainbow – Sia


Book: AchtNacht by Sebastian Fitzek

I finally found time to read a book again, and I was impressed with Sebastian Fitzeks writing style and the suspense in this book; I just love his books! You can read more about them here.




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