My name is Allie, I’m in my 20s and I live in a small town in Germany. I grew up in a very touristy family, not just holiday related but especially job wise, so I got to know the insights of tourism from the very beginning and I’m glad I did, I really learned a lot of things during the years and I love everything related to travelling and seeing the world.

I’m studying International Tourism Management at the moment and I really like it, it deals with many tourism related subjects but also the management and business part of it.

I want to try writing a blog, to see if my interests also interest some other people and maybe I can pass along my passion. I want to share my experiences and especially have fun because I love talking about this subject and maybe some of you guys like it. That would make me very happy.
I’m not going to focus solely on tourism though, I also want to share my lifestyle and the things I love other than travelling.

So, I hope you enjoy my blog and if you want to know more about something specific, if you have questions or recommendations just leave a comment or write me an email, whichever you prefer.

Have fun!

Love, Allie